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Safety & Relief Valves

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Safety valves are the ultimate protection device for tanks and pipelines. They prevent pressure limits being exceeded once all automatic control and monitoring equipment has failed.

SV and SV 40 are spring-loaded normal and proportional safety valves with tested components and provided with flanged connection. SV 4 features a closed spring cap, SV 40 is provided with an open spring cap for better cooling of the spring.

    Normal safety valves initially open proportionally up to a pressure rise of 10 %. This initial phase is followed by the full opening of the valve, allowing a large flow of medium. Especially in the case of liquids, the wide proportional range results in a continuous operation. Pressure rise:
  • above 1 bar set pressure: ........10 % up to required valve lift
  • below 1 bar set pressure: .........0.1 bar.

    Proportional safety valves open almost continuously as the pressure rises. They produce the valve lift required for draining the volume within a maximum pressure rise of 10 %. They are used where only small volumes are expected to be drained (e.g. thermal expansion) and where the loss of medium is to be minimised. Pressure rise:
  • above 1 bar set pressure:.....10 % up to required valve lift
  • below 1 bar set pressure:......0.1 bar.



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