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Flow Switches

Gems Sensors & Controls


General Purpose, 90° Flow Path

  • Flow Rate Settings: Fixed Version: 0.75 GPM to 10.0 GPM / Adjustable Version: 0.75 GPM to 14.0 GPM
  • Port Size: 3/4?
  • Primary Construction Material: Bronze
  • Setting Type:Fixed or Adjustable

Provides accurate flow detection in water and oil with 1% repeatability. Flow settings on the adjustable version can be easily changed without disassembly. A shuttle bypass vane inside the housing is controlled externally using an ordinary flat-blade screwdriver. These switches are ruggedly constructed of non-corrosive materials and resist shock and vibration. Suitable for triggering alarms on interlocking shutdown circuitry when flow rate is improper to protect bearings, gears and cooling systems.



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