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Dome Loaded & Pilot Operated Regulators

LT Gasetechnik


The LTD-1 is a dome-loaded pressure regulator. The upper part is a chamber shaped as a dome, filled with gas and serving as a pressure chamber (therefore: “dome-loaded pressure regulator”). As to its function the pressure force from the encapsulated gas pressure – called “pilot pressure” – corresponds to the spring force with spring-loaded pressure regulators.

The pilot pressure affects a membrane whose lifting movements are transmitted via a pressure pin to the valve seat, which - in the end - is responsible for the control of the outlet pressure, because the outlet pressure is determined by the size and the opening of the valve seat.

The dome chamber can be fed over a wide pressure range that exceeds the characteristic of spring-loaded pressure regulators by far. This is exactly the tool that provides, in turn, an extremely wide controlled pressure range to the LTD-1, thereby constituting one of its characteristic features. The outlet pressure of process gas can be metered precisely; handling is very convenient.

The LTD-1 distinguishes itself by a high flow rate. This traces back to the generous dimension of the valve seat and the opening between valve seat and valve cone. Thanks to the specific shape of the individual components and a well reflected, even sophisticated design, the control behaviour is extremely good, even in case of very high or very low flow rates.

The outstanding property of the LTD-1, however, is that it is capable of generating a defined, adjustable outlet pressure being hardly affected by variations in the inlet pressure.

Features Include

  • Wide performance range: 10 - 2,500 Nm/h
  • Broad working pressure range: Inlet pressure 0.5 - 100 bar
  • Back pressure 0,1 - 70 bar
  • Independent rear pressure control
  • Flexible operation: locally (self-medium-controlled or with different medium) remotely via pilot pressure regulator
  • Safety function: Spring forced closing = Positive sealing 

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