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Steam Traps

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Steam traps automatically drain condensate without loss of steam or gas. They operate instantaneously and are not affected by backpressure or pressure fluctuations. They do not require an external energy input.

KA 3 is a float-controlled steam trap for all applications and especially suitable for corrosive condensate and applications in the food industry. It is entirely manufactured from stainless steel featuring excellent corrosion resistance. The valve cone is fitted with a metallic seal. The KA 3 steam trap is fitted with thermal internal bleeding as standard. For draining condensate from compressed air or gases a special version without thermal bleeding can be supplied featuring G ½ connection on the top section of the valve for connecting an expansion pipe.

Top and bottom sections of the valve body are connected by a clamp ring and two bolts. Servicing/maintenance is easy and does not call for special tooling.

For clean room applications or for condensate subject to stringent purity requirements, KA 3 can be supplied with electropolished or bead-blasted surface finish.

The simple design makes it easy to specify, install, handle and service these valves in an industrial environment.



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