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For liquid flow totalising applications, the McMillan 101T, 102T and 105 Flo-Sensors can't be beat. With standard analog 0-5VDC and pulse outputs, these units can be set up in any application where accurate measurements of flow rate and total flow are required.

Combined with either the Model 220 Rate Meter and Totalizer, or the Model 250 Multi-Function Display, an affordable flow totalizing package can be finally realized.

The Model 101T is made from plastic with standard acetal tube compression fittings, whereas the Model 102T features brass construction and comes standard with brass compression fittings.

The Model 105 is made with Teflon PTFE and includes PFA compression fittings. It features an integrated 3-foot long cable terminated with pigtail leads.

Please see data sheet for all options.

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