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Bursting Disks & Sensors

Zook Disk


?• Ideal for high purity and corrosion resistance service

?• Designed for Non-fragmentation

?• Rugged, scoreless design offers higher cycle life when compared to scored reverse acting disks

?• Excels in liquid, gas, or two-phase applications

?• 0% manufacturing range is standard

?• Standard operating ratio of 90% of the marked rating on the disk tag – may be extended to 95% of the minimum burst pressure.

?• Self supporting under full vacuum

?• Resists product buildup. Only the smooth convex side of the disk is exposed to the process medium

?• Installs using industry standard Tri-clamp®/Tri-clover® fittings (NA-Connect mounting also available)

?• Standard gasket material: Black Buna-N

?• Sizes 1" (25mm) through 4" (100mm)

?• ASME UD, CE, and TUV compliance available

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