Since 1938, from standard valves to custom designed solutions - our partner, Stöhr Armaturen, has been unrivalled with expertise and technical know-how in manufacturing optimised solutions. Stöhr have always been well-known for their specialist designs, functional reliability and long operational lifespan. For decades, Stöhr have been providing valves which have convinced customers through their quality and price, from small quantities of standard units to completely tailor-made solutions. Stöhr is renowned in the markets they serve for their technical expertise and comprehensive advisory service.

Our product range of standardised cryogenic valves and gas filters in sizes from DN4 to DN300 include high precision cryogenic control valves, on/off valves, regulating valves, check/non-return valves and blow-off valves for installation in valve boxes, vacuum-jacketed lines or conventional pipework. We can offer body types with housings in straight or angle pattern, and all valves are made of high-grade or special Stainless Steel sealed with bellows.


Designed for Extreme Conditions

Our valves are designed for extreme operating conditions with cryogenic temperatures down to 4K or below for processing liquid helium, high pressures of up to 1,000 BAR, leak tightness to atmosphere, compatibility with aggressive media and fast acting opening/closing times are all prime examples of the demands handled by our valves.

As a key partner of Stöhr’s high performance valves, we can also help with valve maintenance services, spare parts plans and technical training for end customers. Over the years we have become experts in the field of cryogenic valve technology.

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