In the 1800’s there was a disease called Cholera Pandemic, it was uncontrollable and no one, not even doctors could establish its origin. It killed over 23,000 people just in Britain.



30 years later the world was taught by a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist ‘Louis Pasteur’, how microbes could move through the water sources, causing them to carry the deadly disease.  Following this, the world did try to make a difference by inserting filtration systems that were put into practice, however this sadly became unsuccessful due to the water containing a variety of contaminants.



It became known that by allowing untreated wastewater to flow into the rivers was the cause of the Cholera Pandemic disease in the 1800’s. So today the chemical chlorine is used on the wastewater to ensure the water is clean before being distributed.

Today it is extremely unheard of for anyone to become ill from contamination, this is due to the increased level of technology we have, which ensures the wastewater can be safely moved to rivers. With today’s chemicals and improved specialised equipment, it means there are multiple procedures we can follow to ensure there is no contaminated water.

ChemTec, one of our partners, specialise in manufacturing flow monitors for wastewater companies.



The Equipment

These flow monitors and meters have been engineered in a way that can produce a unique effect on the cleansing of wastewater. The feeding system for treating the water use chemical dosing.

The flow rates of the water can fluctuate; therefore, we can tailor our products to your needs. There are three main types of equipment that these are mainly used on; non-adjustable FS series, the adjustable LCA series and the MAO series flow meters - they are available in PVC, Brass and 316 Stainless Steel to reduce corrosion resistance.

The FS models will accept flows between 0.25 to 8.50 GPM, the LCA models will take 0.1 – 15.0 GPM and the MAO 125/250 and MAO 500 0.32-28.53 gallons per hour or 1.89 – 13.25 gallons per hour.


The Process

In a cleansing system, the wastewater has chlorine gas administered into it, it then relies on the current of the water. If the current is moving at a fast pace it pulls in the gas and this mixes together so the water is disinfected thoroughly.

The water current must be moving fast enough to ensure the chemicals mix with the water properly to ensure it is disinfected. The system relies on this so our flow monitors and meters may be used.

The water filtration system includes these monitors. They are used to ensure that the current of the water is consistent and can signal an alarm if it sees a change.


In a Nutshell

Since the 1800’s, because of the process and equipment explained above, we now have a clean water supply and no nasty diseases going around. However, the goal is to always go above and beyond by improving and perfecting the equipment to enhance the filtration systems keeping the world safe.


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