What Is Boiswood?

Boiswood has been a respected and leading supplier in gas and liquid controls since it was established in 1989. Starting the business in Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire with the woodland alongside the office called ‘Gt Bois Wood’, the name ‘Boiswood’ was born.

Tony, who created the business along with 2 other guys several years ago, carries the company to this very day. Tony bought the shares off of his two fellow business partners as they pursued other interests. Boiswood is a company that has achieved many goals and continues to grow each day, with new and loyal customers from the most advanced manufacturing facilities. With the pace Boiswood is running at, the company will have tripled by 2020!


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Selecting an Excess Flow Valve

An excess flow valve (EFV) is an automatic shutoff valve through which pressurised gas or liquid flows, and it is essential for many pipeline applications. They are designed so that at normal flow rates the fluid will pass through unrestricted, however in the event of an dramatic increase of flow it will trigger the EFV to quickly close off the flow.

Download our guide below to find out what information we will need in order to size your excess flow valve: 


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How to Restrict a Pressure Regulator

It is general practice to have the outlet pressure range of a regulator able to reach it’s maximum potential. The maximum outlet pressure of a regulator is often determined by the internal diaphragm and range spring. These are selected based on what outlet pressure range was originally specified for the regulator.

If you're looking to restrict the outlet pressure of a regulator, follow the simple steps in the below guide:


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ATEX Explained

The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC controls all manufacture and import of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, including non-electrical items. ATEX requires that the equipment be safe and bear a label indicating the conditions under which it is approved for use. 

Please take a look at our ATEX Explained brochure for more information:


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HVAC & Refrigeration Show


Boiswood offer a broad range of configurable pressure transducers providing accurate measurement for all of your HVAC/R application needs. We supply top-quality, low cost and easy-to-install products for general HVAC, critical environments, energy monitoring and building management systems – always keeping in mind your efficiency requirements and profitability standards.

We will be exhibiting at stand C38 at the HVAC & Refrigeration Show at the ExCel London. Come and visit us on the stand to check out our vast range of industrial and differential pressure transducers, room condition monitors and power meters. 

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