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Bleeding and Venting Valves

Mankenberg Industrial Valves


Bleeding and venting valves remove air or gases from systems or pipelines without requiring an external energy input. When a system is drained they act as venting valves.

EB 1.85 is a combined start-up and continuous bleeding and venting valve with float control. During start-up a large quantity of air is removed at low pressure via a large cone. If the ventilator is closed and further small quantities of air occur in continuous operation, an additional small seat opens and removes the air present. The large cone does not open until the level drops and pressure decreases at the same time. In the case of underpressure the valves open immediately. The minimum pressure for the valve seal is 0.3 bar.

The EB 1.85 is a float-controlled bleeding and venting valve for wastewater and sewage as well as for foaming media. An enlarged float housing prevents contact between the wastewater and the upper section of the closing mechanism. The housings are made of spheroidal graphite iron with a continuous epoxy coating and are therefore outstandingly well protected. The valve cone is soft-sealed.

The upper and lower sections of the valve unit are each connected by means of only 4 screws. Maintenance work can be performed rapidly and without the need for special tools.



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