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For liquid flow measurement, the Model 101 & 102 Flo-Sensors have been setting the pace. Their advanced Pelton-turbine design provides large turn-down ratios, fast response, and repeatable accuracy. Combined with an affordable price, you cannot beat their value. A 0-5VDC analog output is standard.

The Model 101 is constructed from plastic, and come standard with acetal compression fittings. It is well-suited for accurate measurement of water, mild acids, or other slightly corrosive fluids. With a pressure rating of 100 psi maximum, it can be used with most applications.

The Model 102 is made from brass, and include brass compression fittings. It is well-suited for fuels, light oils (less than 10 cS), or any other application that may require high pressures (500 psi rating).

Please see data sheet for all options.

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