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With all of the mass flow controllers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your application. Well, if your application requires fast performance and a low price, then the McMillan Mass Flo-Controllers fit the bill. High quality, all metal construction (instead of plastic) guarantees you won't strip any threads. Advanced coil design prevents zero drift, which means your setpoints will always produce the same flow rates.

The Model 80S and 80SD are constructed from stainless steel for enhanced chemical compatibility.

The Model 80D and Model 80SD add an integrated 3 digit flow rate display. Also, customers may order the Model 80D/80SD calibrated for up to three gases (one is standard, each additional incurs added charges). If the Model 80D/80SD has been programmed at the factory for multiple gases, the user may select which gas the unit is measuring simply by setting the switches on the front panel. In addition, the 80D/80SD also allows the user to select internal or external setpoint - two dials (coarse and fine) are provided for setting the internal setpoint. External setpoint input for all units is 0-5VDC.

Please see data sheet for all options.

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