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S-111, S-112 & S-114 LIQUID FLOW METERS

For liquid flow metering with integrated rate display, the S-Series Flo-Meters have been setting the pace. Their advanced Pelton-turbine design provides large turn-down ratios, fast response, and repeatable accuracy. Combined with an affordable price, you cannot beat their value. A 0-5VDC analog output is standard.

If you require an inexpensive plastic flow meter to measure flow rates, the Model S-111 Flo-Meter is the answer. Including an analog 0-5VDC output and a 3¢ digit display of flow rate in engineering units, these flow meters are perfect for any laboratory or test facility.

For higher pressure applications or where metal may be required, the Model S-112 & S-114 may be the solution. Both are rated to 500 psig. The S-112 is made from brass, whereas the S-114 features a stainless flow body. The S-114 also features enhanced ±1% accuracy for critical applications, and comes standard with an NIST calibration certificate.

Please see data sheet for all options.

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