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    Each module has an individual identification that allows the system controller or the remote control transmitter to address and control each emitter. The Gemini Systems flexibility allows easy positioning of emitter modules in the ceiling or where they are most needed in the cleanroom. The System is designed to minimize unidirectional airflow turbulence. It is available with SIMCOs SiC emitters, the new standard for ultra-clean Ionisation. Each emitter module contains emitter points, switching power supplies, and Microcontroller Intelligence, designed to maintain critical ion output and balance. Each module produces both positive and negative ions, which neutralize electrostatic charges in the work area. The cleanrooms unidirectional airflow sends the ions downward through the room. In this way, the Gemini System modules provide blanket protection, helping to keep all surfaces and product free of static charge and particles.

    Features include:

  • Easy mounting in all leading designs of flush, or on T-grid ceiling systems
  • Drop link communications
  • Active closed-loop feedback system
  • Individually adjustable via system controller or remote transmitter
  • Steady-state and Pulse modes can be universal or mixed
  • Easily replaceable emitters
  • Addressable emitter modules
  • Choice of SiC for ultra-clean environments, or tungsten emitters

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