Food and Beverage

The proof is in the pudding.

We provide a range of standard and CIP (clean-in-place) products for those in the food and beverage industries, including breweries, dairies, sugar refineries, oil mills, meat producers, distilleries soft drink factories and many more. Whether standard or custom-engineered, our products meet the high-performance demands of our customers, covering a variety of applications, such as process bottle filling, beverage dispensing, condensate/steam removal, fruit dosing, slurry sterilisation, nitrogen and CO2 supply, food and drink storage/maturing tanks. 


Our trusted global supply partners deliver the highest standards of food and beverage products using top-quality robust and reliable materials. Our extensive knowledge of their specialist products means we can advise on the best possible solution to any challenges you face, whether that be installing brand new equipment, systems or requiring parts for maintenance, repairs or spares. 


We pride ourselves on specifically partnering with manufacturers who have designed their products in such a way that means they are among the easiest products to service and maintain in-situ. This helps enormously in keeping good rates of uptime in your plant.


From self-acting pressure reducing valves, pressure switches and transducers, to flow switches, level sensors/switches, safety relief valves and bursting disks, we've got you covered. Speak to any of our experienced product experts to find out more.  


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