Solenoid Valves

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Gas & Water Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are an automated, electronic solutions to any manually operated process, where flows of gases and liquids are controlled both efficiently and safely to optimise systems. Solenoid valves are critical to maximising operational efficiency, whilst delivering on product quality and maintaining system safety.


We offer a wide selection of solenoid valves to ensure all requirements are met, including bespoke needs. It’s imperative that solenoid valves are selected based on the specific requirements of your operating parameters to ensure the control function is accurate, safe and fit for purpose. Our experts at Boiswood will be able to offer support to ensure the correct valve is selected.


What are Solenoid Valves and How Do They Work?

Solenoid valves are used to control the flow of liquid & gas as an automated electrical solution omitting the need for any manual involvement.


Solenoids are an electric coil which can be found in the centre of the valve, which is moveable to ensure the safe and accurate monitoring of the flowing media. This is achieved by creating an electric current which forms a magnetic field around the coil to move the plunger up or down. The solenoid valves convert electric energy into mechanical energy.


Types of Solenoid Valves

Our complete range consists of standard 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves, for both gas and liquid service, in pneumatic and electric actuation types. We can provide everything from general industrial solenoid valves, miniature/micro solenoid valves, cryogenic solenoid valves, servo-assisted and direct acting plunger solenoid valves and specialty solenoid valves including custom manifolds.


This broad selection covers everything from high quantity OEM usage to one-off general service application requirements, in both process and C&I environments.


Our solenoid valves provide highly dependable operation for:

  • General purpose applications
  • High pressure/flow scenarios
  • Extremely High or Cryogenic temperatures
  • Other harsh environmental service conditions

We can cover everything from medical and food processing cleanliness requirements to the latest automotive and industrial standards, to HVAC/R and printing equipment.


Selection Criteria for Solenoid Valves

  • Control types including:
    • Direct- From 0 bar, generally used for low flow rates, doesn’t require pressure differential.
    • Indirect- Requires pressure differential, from 0.5 bar. Can be used for larger flow rates.
    • Semi-direct- Combination of Direct & Indirect, works from 0 bar, can control a large flow rate.
  • Circuit Functions including:
    • 2 ports (inlet/outlet), 2 flow directions (open/close)
    • 3 ports (inlet/outlet), 2 flow directions (open/close)
  • Size required based on the pipe diameter and diameter on the valve connector. 
  • Seal materials required.
  • Housing materials required.
  • KV value required.
  • Response times- the time from when the coil is activated to when the valve is opened or closed. Direct valves are faster to respond than indirect valves.
  • Energy required- AC or DC energy.


Why choose Boiswood
for your Solenoid Valves

Custom Solenoid Valves
Bespoke solutions developed specifically for your application. Our expert team can help you save money on your requirements and achieve optimal performance in your system.
Expert Guidance
We can offer expert guidance in choosing the right solenoid valve based on your specifications. We work in conjunction with our partners to offer product development and application expertise.
High Reliability
We can help meet stringent certification and testing requirements according to your needs, as well as unique warranty offerings. Our world-renowned solenoid valves ensure you will see an unrivalled ROI.
Timely Delivery
We can cater for both small batch orders all the way up to OEM mass production requirements. Fast delivery is available for standard catalogue solenoid valves and expedited development processes for custom solutions.
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