Flow Meters for Hydrogen Filling Stations

Hydrogen is gaining importance as an energy source for fuel cells.  However, fuelling of hydrogen is much more complex than fuelling of gasoline and diesel.  Unlike other gases, hydrogen heats up as it expands, causing pressure and temperature changes during fuelling that need to be precisely monitored.  In response, Kobold’s Heinrichs factory developed the TMU-W004 mass flow meter which ensures precise metering despite pressure and temperature fluctuations.


Certified to International Standard OIML R 139 2018

The device is the first of its kind certified to international standard OIML R 139 2018 and therefore approved for hydrogen filling stations.

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Tank Blanketing Valves

Tank blanketing valves are used in many industrial sectors, for example in pharmaceutical environments, chemical & petrochemical plants and food & beverage processing facilities.

Storage tanks often contain media wherein contact with atmospheric oxygen (auto-oxidation) or mixing with other gases and/or liquids would cause harmful effects. For example, a chemical reaction could potentially create an explosive, toxic or corrosive mixture. In the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries, cleanliness is vital as the media will likely need to be kept fresh to avoid any contamination because of microbes getting into the storage tank.

To avoid any contamination or hazardous situations in these processes, the void volume in the tank head space is filled with an inert barrier gas (as a common example, people would use Nitrogen). This process is only possible with closed containers or storage tanks. The positive pressure of this “barrier gas” is kept as low as possible, to ensure the process is cost-effective.

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Self Acting Control Valves

We offer an extensive range of self-acting control valves for a wide variety of applications including, food and beverage processing, tank blanketing, steam cleaning, oil and gas plants, water supply, chemical transfer and more. Our partner, Mankenberg, has been synonymous with expertise and technical know-how in providing optimised self-acting regulators since 1885.

These self-acting control valves have always been well-known for their affordability, functional reliability and long operational lifespan. For decades, Mankenberg has been standing for self acting pressure regulators which have convinced customers through their unbeatable quality, cost-effective price and high on-time delivery performance.


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In Partnership with Photon Control

Boiswood have now partnered with Photon Control, a world-leading manufacturer of fibre optic temperature and position measurement solutions. They have proudly dedicated over three decades to develop differentiated solutions necessary for key innovations at a customer level in the semiconductor and other high-tech industries that require accurate, repeatable and reliable sensing solutions in the harshest environments.

Their primary expertise is centred around phosphor materials, and their unique application in temperature probes is what sets them apart from competition with respect to accuracy and long-term stability. The product range includes:


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Excess Flow Valve vs Praxair, Swagelok and Malema

Our range of automatic controlled bleed and manual reset excess flow valves are the perfect solution for preventing uncontrolled flows of gases and liquids. They can be considered for the following primary uses:


  • As a Safety Product for use with aggressive and toxic media systems to prevent potentially deadly leaks or pipework ruptures. The excess flow valves can be factory pre-set according to individual process parameters to detect and shut-off lines with uncontrolled gas flows to atmosphere. 
  • To provide Commercial Savings as they can be used to stop precious and expensive media (such as Helium) from escaping through relief valves to atmosphere or protected waste areas. Units can be specified to provide a positive shut-off to prevent any loss of media.


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