Cryogenic Valves in the UK

Since 1938, from standard valves to custom designed solutions - our partner, Stöhr Armaturen, has been unrivalled with expertise and technical know-how in manufacturing optimised solutions. Stöhr have always been well-known for their specialist designs, functional reliability and long operational lifespan. For decades, Stöhr have been providing valves which have convinced customers through their quality and price, from small quantities of standard units to completely tailor-made solutions. Stöhr is renowned in the markets they serve for their technical expertise and comprehensive advisory service.

Our product range of standardised cryogenic valves and gas filters in sizes from DN4 to DN300 include high precision cryogenic control valves, on/off valves, regulating valves, check/non-return valves and blow-off valves for installation in valve boxes, vacuum-jacketed lines or conventional pipework. We can offer body types with housings in straight or angle pattern, and all valves are made of high-grade or special Stainless Steel sealed with bellows.


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Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Our range of ultrasonic level switches and sensors are designed to operate in a wide spectrum of liquids, ranging from oils to inks. These rugged transmitters are typically constructed from stainless steel and built to withstand high pressures, temperature, and vibration and operate in a broad range of liquid media.

These are designed to provide accurate and reliable level sensing for difficult to monitor fluids, where contact with media is not desirable from the extremes of sending: ultrapure to corrosive or even dirty where coating or scaling is possible. Ultrasonic level transmitters have no moving parts, are easy to install and simple to use.


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Pressure Sensors with IO Link

Our A-1200 pressure sensors have been designed for intuitive and flexible programming via an IO-Link. This state-of-the-art pressure sensor is an ideal solution for any intelligent applications whether you’re looking for simple pressure monitoring or electronic PNP/NPN switching for process control environments.


IO Link with PNP or NPN Switching Output

These pressure sensors ensure precise measurement results over a long-term period thanks to their integrated smart diagnostics functions that monitor the instrument status. Additionally, this IO Link sensor can be configured remotely via the digital signal and conveniently adjusted at any time this is required.

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SIL2 Rated Pressure Sensors

Our IS-3 pressure sensors have been specifically designed for installation in demanding industrial applications. The IS-3 pressure transmitters are available will measuring ranges up to 6,000 BAR and are suitable for use in process applications such as general machine building, chemical & petrochemical facilities and oil & gas plants.


SIL Rated as per IEC 61508 / IEC 61511

As well as the most common approvals such as ATEX Intrinsically Safe, IECEx, FM and CSA, the IS-3 is also certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) as per IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 directives. These units are manufactured fully welded with all wetted parts completely from Stainless Steel (minimum IP65, optional IP68), process connections with flush diaphragm for use on vicious and contaminated media and an optional field case to enable operation in extreme conditions such as acids, bases and solvents.

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Flow Switches for Water Treatment Systems

Clean, treated water plays a vital role in industrial processing and commercial consumption. Used within hotels & resorts, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biomedical, refineries, steam generation, fabrication, processing, washing, dilution, cooling, and more, all of which require hygienic water to ensure day to day processes run smoothly.

Untreated water leads to build-up of salt minerals that cause corrosion of pipes and tanks, as well as scale build-up in steam boilers and cooling towers. Damaged equipment caused by the build-up of impurities and mineral salts are costly and can easily be avoided by using clean water. Many businesses add an industrial water treatment system to their business. Reverse osmosis, filtration, ozonation, chemical feed systems are popular examples.

A crucial part of water treatment is the process itself. For instance, in a chemical feed system, chemicals must accurately be dispensed or injected into the water system. Too little or too much chemical can cause serious illness, corrosion, or scale build-up that ultimately shuts down production.

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