What is the difference between proof and burst pressure?

Proof and burst pressure are often overlooked on a sensor’s data sheet, and not taking notice of these pressure ranges can lead to sensor failure. Out of the many pressure specifications listed, these two pressure specifications function as an upper limit for the devices operating range. They are both important acts for upper limits, but proof and burst pressures have both similarities and differences.

Selecting the right pressure sensor at the very beginning is the best solution to prevent overpressure. There are many systems that should be designed with both proof and burst pressures in mind, an example of an application where they are crucial measurements is high pulsation environments. Usual areas in industrial applications that face overpressure:

  • Mounting positions of sensors on pipe work
  • Regulators
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Solenoids
  • Valves

Proof Pressure

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Boiswood in partnership with Metatron

Who are Metatron? 

Metatron are a globally expanding company based in Italy who specialise in powertrain clean gas technologies focusing on the research, development and production of electronic pressure regulators and engine control units for alternative fuels.


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Introduction to the DM555

What is the DM555?

DM555 Pressure Reducing Valve

The DM555 is a single stage pressure reducing regulator that is manufactured by Mankenberg. Being a self-acting pressure reducer, the DM555 offers accurate control within your application and is easy to install and maintain.

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Hot Aisle Containment Systems

What is Hot Aisle Containment?Data Centre

Hot aisle containment is a layout system for computing equipment in data centres. The aim of this system is to conserve energy and decrease cooling costs by managing the air flow (not letting the hot and cold air mix) for optimum efficiency.

As engineering has progressed, there are ways hot aisle containment can be monitored through different applications that use specific products, such as variable fan drives (VFDs), to prevent cold air and hot air from combining.

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Boiswood in Partnership with Rotarex



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