Hospital 2-0 Pressure Monitoring

The journey from elementary indicators to today's fully automated, data-driven room pressure monitoring systems showcases the continuous commitment to patient safety and infection control in medical facilities, progressing towards Hospital 2.0 environments. All of the technological advancements have played a pivotal role in ensuring a safer environment for patients, healthcare providers/medical staff, and visitors alike.


With the rapid advancement of technology, room pressure monitoring is constantly moving through revolutionary transformations. Digital and automated systems are emerging, offering more sophisticated and comprehensive solutions.

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Instrument Hookups

As part of our Custom Services portfolio, we can help provide bespoke instrument hookups designed to meet specific application requirements.


Our range of pressure sensors and pressure gauges can be adapted to meet almost any process conditions, utilising additional valves, protection devices and/or adapter fittings.

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Low Pressure Regulators


Low pressure regulators are valves used to control pressure of gases and liquids, to ensure they remain at a low pressure values. They are an essential component designed to control and maintain pressure levels at a safe and steady rate. Low pressure regulators are critical devices for your applications to reduce high pressures, to a lower and consistent outlet pressure level.

Here at Boiswood we work in partnership with GO Regulators and Mankenberg to deliver quality pressure regulators. We have a great range of low pressure regulators available to purchase which are sure to fit and maximise the operations of your system.

At our onsite workshop, we can create customised low pressure regulators to meet your bespoke needs to ensure your processes remain in production and efficient.

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Paddle Flow Switches

Paddle flow switches are used to monitor and control the flow of liquids or to protect additional equipment (eg. a pump) in many industrial processes. They typically consist of a housing with a pivoting paddle inside. When liquid flow moves the paddle inside, it triggers a switch mechanism, signaling the flow status via an alarm or PLC.


These switches are commonly used across industrial and commercial applications to ensure proper flow rates and identify issues like pump damage or insufficient liquid circulation.

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Still Delivering PFA Products

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics are a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance fluoropolymer products for the most demanding fluid handling applications. Furon® products include premium pumps, valves, fittings, and manifolds for the precise and secure flow control of high purity fluids for demanding and specialised applications.


Through the Furon® product lines, we can offer unmatched solutions to meet your needs in demanding markets such as microelectronics, where high purity, safety and reliability are critical. As a long-standing partner of Saint Gobain, Boiswood are continuing to deliver PFA pumps, valves, and fittings for semiconductor industries across the UK, despite the challenges faced within the market. 

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