Switchover Boards

Gas Switchover Boards

A manual switchover board reduces the cylinder pressure to an appointed secondary pressure and insures gas supply from different high pressure sources. It ensures a safe cylinder replacement. When one high-pressure supply source is in service, the other is in reserve. When the service source is empty, the operator must change the service side to the reserve side manually when changing the empty cylinder.

An automatic switchover board with manual reset is a system which provides a continuous gas supply to the piping system. One source of gas is used as the primary source, while a second source is held in reserve. When the primary source reaches a predetermined pressure, the reserve supply automatically begins to supply gas to the system. Once the Switchover occurs and primary source is replaced, the Switchover board is reset, such that the reserve supply supplying gas is now designated as primary source and the secondary source is now held in reserve. The empty cylinder can be replaced without interrupting the gas flow.

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