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Bleeding & Venting Valves

Air Vent Valves for Tanks, Vessels or Pipelines


Bleeding and venting valves remove air or gases automatically from/to tanks, vessels or pipelines. They are float-controlled valves which close as the liquid level rises and open as the level falls. We can offer continuous, startup or combined bleeding and venting valves.



A rising liquid level lifts the float and closes the valve, in most cases via a system of levers. If the liquid level drops because air is entering the system or the plant is starting up, the valve will open and either admit air or vent the air from the system.



Not sure where to start? For an overview of our complete range of self-acting control valves you can click here to get a basic summary on our different types and advantages.


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Our local stocks allow us to quickly respond to requirements for our products. We hold a vast range of products and spare components in stock so that they're always readily available.
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Boiswood offer a technical helpline from our HQ as well as having a “man on the ground” for on-site support whenever and wherever this is required. We can help size and specify our products for even the most bespoke applications.
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We can offer manufacturer certified in-house evaluation, repair, testing, servicing and assembly of our products from within our Boiswood HQ.
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We offer a range of educational classes and training seminars that can be delivered from Boiswood HQ or on-site. We can deliver a bespoke seminar tailored for your needs.
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