Single Stage Pressure Regulators

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Stainless Steel Pressure Regulators In Stock


Our selection of single stage pressure regulators are designed to reduce an upstream (inlet) pressure to a desired downstream (outlet) pressure.


This range includes standard stainless steel and brass regulators, ultra high and low flow pressure regulators, high temperature regulators and specialty versions.


Our time-tested PR1 stainless steel pressure regulator is readily available in stock at our UK headquarters, in a wide variety of configurations suitable for your application. As a trusted supplier of pressure regulators in the UK, backed by world-leading manufacturers, we are able to react fast to your needs and deliver next-day the perfect solution for your system.


Overwhelmed by choice? That's okay, we have you covered. Why not click here to read our guide on how instrumentation pressure regulators work and get a summary overview of the different types of pressure regulators that we have available for you. Additionally, you can click here to read a comparison guide on our most popular stainless steel pressure regulators.


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