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Gas Analysers

LT Gasetechnik


The powerful mobile gas analyser is for flexible on-site operation to measure the concentration of technical gases on basis of precise and robust sensors. Equipped with thermal conductivity sensor or infrared sensor or with two sensors at the same time for significantly improved repeatability.

Our Solution

Lightweight, mobile system, in a small housing with a lot of functions integrated:

  • Extractive online measurement of the concentration of combustible or non-combustible gas components in gas mixtures
  • Display of sample gas flow with variable area flowmeters
  • Response time: T90 time, < 1 seconds thermal conductivity sensor, < 5 seconds infrared sensor, Ready for operation after 15 min heat-up phase
  • Precise measurement
  • Low drift sensors, high long-term stability
  • Suitable for installation outside ex-zones
  • Long term data recording for analysis with spread sheet calculation
  • On request, tailored configurations to suit individual specifications

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