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Check & Non Return Valves

LT Gasetechnik


The THERMOMAT is a multifunctional safety device for use in oxy-fuel technique. It is fitted with the following safety elements:

  • The flashback arrestor, as main constituent of this safety device, consists of sintered stainless steel with an accurately defined porosity which ensures an unrestricted through-flow at normal operation. Running-in flashbacks are kept back absolutely reliable due to sintered metal. The flame goes off immediately.
  • The non-return valve avoids a gas reverse flow of the discharged gas and prevents any build-up of potentially explosive gas mixtures at the inlet side.
  • The thermal cut-off valve cuts off gas supply in an irreversible manner in case the device warms up to an undue high temperature, e. g. if a burnback on the surface of the flashback arrestor occurs.
  • Located on the inlet side of the device’s flammable gas version, a dust filter protects the non-return valve from infiltration of impurities, e. g. due to levitating tiny particles in the gas.

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