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Self-acting pressure reducers are simple control valves offering accurate control while being easy to install and maintain. They control the pressure downstream of the valve without requiring pneumatic or electrical control elements.

The pressure reducing valve RP 810 Eck is a pilot-operated regulating valve consisting of a main valve with a pilot valve fixedly mounted on the cover and a throttle block with integrated strainer, non-return valve and throttle valves. The valve cone is either metallic or soft-sealed. In a pressureless pipeline the main valve is closed by the pre-tensioned spring.

If the outlet pressure falls below the pre-set nominal value, the pilot valve is kept open by its spring. The control medium flows off towards the valve outlet. Throttle D1 brings about a pressure drop, so that the control pressure in the main valve piston nearly corresponds to the outlet pressure. The inlet pressure overcomes the outlet pressure and the closing spring force and opens the main valve.

Once the outlet pressure has reached the pre-set nominal value, the pilot valve starts to throttle. In doing so, the control pressure rises and pushes the main valve piston to a regulating position. The throttles D1 and D2 serve to optimise the regulating behaviour. The bypass equipped with a non-return valve brings about rapid closure.

If the outlet pressure exceeds the nominal value, the pilot valve closes. The control pressure is equivalent to the inlet pressure. The main valve closes because the piston diameter is larger than the valve seat. In addition, the spring also has a closing effect.

The valve is piped internally. The pulse lines must be installed on-site.

    These valves are no shut-off elements ensuring a tight closing of the valve. In accordance with DIN EN 60534-4 and/or ANSI FCI 70-2 they may feature a leakage rate in closed position in compliance with the leakage classes III or V:
  • Leakage class III (metal sealing cone) = 0.1 % Kvs value
  • Leakage class V (soft seal cone) = 1.8 x 10-5 x ?p x D* [l/h] *D=seat diameter

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