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Flow Meters & Sensors

McMillan Flow Products

100, 110, S-110 & S-113 GAS FLOW SENSORS & METERS

For OEM or laboratory applications, where an affordable flow sensor needs to be installed, the Model 100 is an excellent choice. Its time-proven turbine design will keep measuring accurately for years with little or no maintenance. It features a 0- 5VDC output standard.

The Model 110 Flo-Meters are great for laboratory benchtop gas applications. An integrated 3 digit flow rate display informs the user of actual flow, and the 0-5VDC output can be interfaced to a data acquisition system.

The Model S-110 and S-113 Flo-Meters have a wide variety of uses. They too incorporate an LCD, 3 digit display of flow rate, but can be less expensive than the Model 110. The S-110 has a plastic body with acetal fittings, and the S-113 is constructed from brass & includes brass fittings.

Please see data sheet for all options.

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