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Iridium is a platform for configurable flow control. Its modular design allows for a single device to adapt to a variety of flow conditions and applications.

Though the Iridium is modular and can be built in many configurations, there are several common setups offered as “factory” configurations. This brochure discusses the 6010-01-C1 Configuration for Liquids, which features a PTFE microturbine flow sensing module (A601) and a PTFE proportional diaphragm flow control module (B601). This configuration can be set up to control liquid flow ranges as low as 7-50 mL/minute and as high as 1.0-10.0L/minute. Other configurations can be custom built as desired.

Flow controllers use an integrated flow rate sensor and control valve to regulate flow rate regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. A flow control setpoint is provided a) by a user via the touchscreen, or b) remotely via an electronic signal. The controller then adjusts the integrated valve as needed to maintain the desired flow rate.

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