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MicraLescer are self-supporting, fluorocarbon resin bonded, borosilicate glass microfibre filter tubes. Designed to coalesce liquid droplets, they are suitable for use in gas and some liquid applications. Typical applications include two-phase separation e.g. oil and water aerosol from gases (or gas), oil from water and water from oil. The recommended direction of flow is from inside to out through the tube. This allows the high porosity outer layer to drain liquids from the filter by gravitational means. MicraLescers are supplied in sealed boxes of ten. Stainless steel support cores are available upon request.

MicraLescer offers : -

  • Removal of sub-micron liquid droplets from gases
  • Possibility of use on selected liquid/liquid separation application
  • Integral drainage layer and Model numbers printed on each MicraLescer for precise identification.

Please see data sheet for variables.

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