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UHP Cylinder Valves



The D304 series is a manually operated, tied diaphragm double seal type cylinder valve for high flow UHP corrosive gases.

This cylinder valve is primarily designed for UHP, corrosive, reactive and toxic gases and is responsible for keeping the highest level of purity of the gas. No particles are generated in the gas wetted part thanks to the tied diaphragm technology. It is also available with the new Open/close indicator from Rotarex Puretec.

Rotarex Puretec manufactures and provides ultra high purity cylinder valves for technical & inert gases, reactive gases, corrosive gases and toxic gases. The Puretec division carries out production in their ISO4 certified cleanroom with 100% helium leak testing on all of the products. Each valve undergoes strict quality control procedures including more than 14 visual, tactile or microscope controls on each valve, microscope toroid controls before and after the valve mounting, and internal/external tightness tests registered into the traceability system.

Key Features:

  • Tied diaphragm design with minimal gas wetted volume.
  • Combined soft and metal seat design with low permeation rate.
  • Positive operation due to mechanical link of the upper and lower spindle.
  • Patented operating mechanism.
  • Threaded weep hole for leak test and pipe away connection.
  • No particle generating threads in the gas wetted parts.
  • Optional pressure relief device (PRD).

Valve Specifications:

  • Connections: all standards and customer specific requirements on request.
  • Working Pressure: 200 BAR.
  • Nominal Flow Rate: CV = 0.3.
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +65°C.
  • Body Materials: Stainless Steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L), Hastelloy C22, Nickel 200, Monel 2.4375 (Monel 500 K).
  • Leak Rate: 1.10-8 mBAR L/sec.
  • Seat Orifice Size: 4mm.
  • Marking: π0029 (according to TPED), manufacture date, 3 stars and valve part number.

Tied diaphragm seal valve technology is often favoured by electronics manufacturers and chemical applications. Some of the unique advantages to this technology include:

  • Reduced dead spaces and gas wetted volumes allow easy purging process.
  • Freedom of internal threads and springs insures minimum particles generation.
  • Very low internal volume with minimum dead spaces. Particularly beneficial for hygroscopic, corrosive, pyrophoric or high purity gases where inert gas purging is necessary before opening or after closing the valve.
  • Freedom from seizure when used with corrosive gases. Gas does not come into contact with the valve operating mechanism.
  • Positive and effective operation, valve lower spindle is mechanically linked to the upper spindle and operating handwheel.
  • Backed up welded diaphragms provide a permanent and durable gas tight seal.

Ultra High Purity Cylinder Valves

Our cylinder valves are now available with a visual "Open/Close" indicator valve. This optional addition helps to improve efficienty and safety by knowing the valve position at a quick glance. The easy-to-see indicator is visible from a distance thanks to the colour coding and has been tested up to 2,000 valve cycles according to EN ISO 10297-2014 standards. The standard colours are defined as green (for open) and red (for closed). These visual indicators are available as an additional option for all Puretec UHP manual valves (Series D3XX).

Our partner Rotarex is one of the world's leading gas control equipment manufacturers. When companies worldwide need products that enable new technologies and systems, they turn to Rotarex. And it’s been that way since the first Ceodeux valves won innovation awards in the 1920’s, propelling them into the top tier of cylinder valve manufacturers. Rotarex never stopped inventing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing first-of-a-kind products that solve industry challenges and invent new, safer ways of working. We can offer a broad range of cylinder valves, high purity pressure regulators, diaphragm and line valves, supply/switchover boards and UHP fittings & cylinder connectors. Rotarex specialise in ultra-high purity gas, food processing, medical gas, cryogenic/LNG, fire suppression, automotive and many more applications.

Whatever you require for your UHP application, we can help you to find suitable components. To explore our full range of UHP equipment, please visit our website here. For technical support on selecting the right UHP equipment for your application, get in touch with our experienced team here.

For a summary overview of the various UHP line valves and cylinder valves we can offer, please click here to download our product guide.

For more detailed information, including dimensional drawings, technical specifications and how to order - please download our datasheet/catalogue by clicking the icon shown below.

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