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High Purity Pumps

Saint Gobain Furon


Furon A2 High Purity Dampeners are metal free and specifically designed to be used with Furon A2 Pumps. All wetted parts are manufactured from high-purity PFA and PTFE and are suitable for dampening aggressive chemicals or slurries. Additionally, the dampeners reduce pump pulsation up to 85% of their nominal value and directly adapt to the pump stroke and line pressure — eliminating the need for a costly and complicated 3rd-party component and making installations a very simple process. The Furon A2 Dampener, coupled with a Furon A2 Pump, offers the perfect solution for superior performance and a reduced cost of ownership for transfer, recirculation, dispensing and bulk delivery for semiconductor, photovoltaic and chemical processing industries or any industry where high-purity and chemical resistance is a must.

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