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High Purity Pumps

Saint Gobain Furon


Furon® AstiPure II series pump is designed based on more than 20 years of experience in handling aggressive and corrosive media, as well as in applications where chemical inertness is a must. Featuring a 100% PFA and PTFE wetted flow path, our AstiPure II pumps contain no metal parts or elastomeric seals, assuring compatibility with even the most aggressive chemicals.

Furon® AstiPure II pumps have pumping rates ranging from 4 GPM to 16 GPM. For higher flow rates, we offer the time-proven PFD4 pump, which offers flow rates as high as 26 GPM.

For abrasive slurries, special configurations of the AstiPure II pumps are available to assure reliability in the most demanding pumping conditions. Slurry pumps feature specially designed bellows to prevent particle agglomeration and premature failure.

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