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High Purity Pumps

Saint Gobain Furon


Furon Turbo Pumps are magnetically-driven turbine pumps engineered to boost fluid pressure in deionized (DI) water applications and with other low viscosity fluids.

With a body and impeller constructed from 100% virgin PTFE, Furon Turbo Pumps are suitable for use in ultra-pure DI water. Inlet pressures ranging from 15 to 60 PSIG (1 to 4 bar) may be boosted to outlet pressures ranging from 90 – 110 PSIG (6.2 – 7.6 bar). Motors are available in several voltage configurations, providing compatibility with all countries.

Furon Turbo Pumps are ideal for use in spray systems, or other applications requiring water line pressures to be boosted for optimal performance.

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