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Industrial Pressure Transducers



Setra’s Model 280 is a high accuracy transducer for measuring gauge, absolute and compound pressure offering superior performance at an affordable price. Its single piece machined capacitance sensor enables accuracies up to ±0.073% FS giving the 280 superior linearity to competitive sensors that use two-piece welded sensing elements. The 280’s design offers customers a low-cost solution for measuring absolute pressure in Test and Measurement applications. The slim design and simple electrical interface allow users to install the unit in many difficult applications. The Model 280 has standard pressure ranges from 25 PSI to 10,000 PSI, including a 3 PSI to 15 PSI range for drop-in replacement for existing pneumatic systems.

Features & Benefits

  • ±0.073% FS Accuracy
  • High Level Output: 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA
  • Solid Stability For Confident Installations
  • Footprint Configured for Easy Drop-In Replacement
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI Performance Prevents False Shutdown
  • User Accessible Zero and Span Adjustments


  • High Pressure
  • General Purpose
  • P/I Process Signals
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

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