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Pressure Transducers & Transmitters



The indication unit is used for displaying and processing of process values. Frequencies or standard current/voltage signals may be processed as input signals. Most output signals from transducers can thus be displayed. The indication is displayed via a 5 digit display and a 55 point bargraph.

All internal process parameters in different configurations can thus be displayed. All programming is done with 4 front buttons in three different programming modes. 4 internal alarm parameters can be freely assigned to the 2 limit switches, on the optional analogue output, or on the display elements.

Using the corresponding totaliser and alarm correlation basic dosing functions can be realised. Various alarm and control functions can be triggered by the digital control input or by pressing a button.

Features & Benefits

  • Indicator: digital, bargraph combined
  • Input: current, voltage, frequency
  • Output: analogue output, contacts, sensor supply
  • Mounting: panel mounting, field housing



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