Oil and Gas

Not just a lot of hot air. 

Providing vital products and components to the oil and gas industry since 1989, we have served customers who operate everything from platforms and refineries to pipelines and well control systems. As a result, we fully understand that reliability, durability and ease of operation are crucial to the safe operation of these assets and for the protection of hydrocarbon resources around the world. 


With this industry involving high pressure environments, it is imperative that the monitoring of oil and gas pressure and flow is accurate and dependable, which is why we partner with global leaders to offer unbeatable quality. 


The products we supply are expertly designed and engineered with a keen eye on quality and ease of maintenance in the field as we understand keeping downtime low is of paramount importance in this industry. We offer an extensive range of pressure reducing valves, filters, heated pressure regulators, auto changeover manifolds, differential pressure transmitters, magnetic inductive flow meters and temperature probes that can all be used to cover a range of applications, from storage tank level monitoring and gas analysers/cabinets, to skids and wellhead automation. 


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