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Enhanced Performance Counting Scale System

The highly customisable Super II can be programmed to enhance all your receiving, kitting and inventory operations. The unsurpassed accuracy of Setra’s award winning variable capacitance technology provides up to one million internal increments for precision in small parts counting and up to 500,000 user selectable displayed increments for highly accurate weight measurements.

The internal database speeds transaction processing by instantly recalling from memory critical information such as average piece weight and loads it into the active counting routine. The Internal transaction log automatically keeps track of who counted how much, when and can also be used for paperless cycle counting or inventory.

Each of the seven weighting capacities has been carefully designed to protect the sensor from overload and shock. The heavy duty construction and full two year warranty assure consistent performance even when subjected to rough industrial handling.

Data can be entered into the database using the user-friendly, cell phone style keypad, or a PS/2 style keyboard. The scale menu system offers a wide selection of features and is easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to exit. Use it to customize display prompts, or set the optimal sample size for counting. Use the transaction log to create a summary of daily activity.

No counting scale system is easier for generating bar codes or for formatting labels with multiple text fields of information. Up to seven bar code fields can be printed on one label with the Setra 300 Printer, even more with a 400.

Prompting macros allow the scale to match display messages to your material handling methods. Macros customize a series of prompts for simplified, one button operation and can be set up to prompt in different languages.

Multiple RS232 ports are available to keep you constantly a scanner, to a printer, to a computer, to your bulk weighing scale and to up to eight bases.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Accuracy & Resolution - enables supervisors to select special settings that check sampling processes and prompt operators for quick action.
  • Plug and Play Design - for bidirectional data communications on weights and commands, downloaded from a PC with 3 off RS-232 communication ports.
  • Internal Database- allows storage of APWs, tare weights and accumulated counts for immediate recall.
  • Multiple Base Connectivity- providing end users with flexibility on setup configurations.
  • Detachable Controller- for easily moving around and installing.
  • Set Points and Alarms- configurable to your individual requirements.
  • Rugged Design- in die-cast construction for robust and resistant operation.

Additional Options:

  • DYMO Labelwriter - the Setra 300 printer in a small footprint design with RS232 connectivity.
  • Direct Thermal Printer - the Setra 400 printer for high performance, direct thermal barcode printing at a market-leading low price point.
  • Barcode Scanner - the Setra 500 scanner in ergonomic handheld design for superior durability.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery - for completely portable operation.
  • Remote Scale Option - to allow use as a sample scale for high capacity bench or floor requirements.
  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Backlighting - for poor ambient lighting conditions and an easy-to-read display for any angle.

For further details on installation, operation and maintenance instructions, please click here to download the Setra Super II Weighing Scales Instruction Manual.

For a more detailed overview on the technical specifications of these counting scales, please download our datasheet below.

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