Who are Metatron? 

Metatron are a globally expanding company based in Italy who specialise in powertrain clean gas technologies focusing on the research, development and production of electronic pressure regulators and engine control units for alternative fuels.


Product Focus

ECE-R110 Pressure Regulator

Boiswood’s partnership with Metatron focuses on products for the use on CH4 (Methane) Natural Gas Vehicles and H2 (Hydrogen) Fuel Cell Vehicles. The unit we have had success with is the Meta LNG1-BV over pressure regulator.

The LNG1-BV has been manufactured for methane applications and it has been designed to guarantee durability, reliability and ease of installation with its piston technology. The LNG1-BV holds ECE-R110 approval and is the first regulator of its kind designed for OEM applications.

Its applications include medium to high performance trucks with maximum power of 338 kW.


Our Aim for the Environment

Boiswood’s aim is to expand in the renewable energy sector with the help of our new partner. Their aim is to decrease the negative impact on the environment by being manufacturing products that are part of a global solution for clean transportation. As well as following laws and environmental regulations, Metatron also holds a strict Code of Ethics for its employees.

For more information on how we can help you with your application, please get in touch with us.