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Hydrogen Pressure Regulators


Mankenberg Industrial Valves

Self-acting back pressure regulators are simple control valves offering accurate control while being easy to install and maintain. They control the pressure upstream of the valve without requiring pneumatic or electrical control elements.This specific self acting control valve has been developed with ATEX approval to act as a hydrogen back pressure regulator for small flow rate applications.

The back pressure regulator UV 3.5 ATEX H2 was specially developed for hydrogen applications. It is a diaphragm-controlled, spring-loaded proportional control valve for small flow rates. The valve is completely made of high-quality stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. Since the body and the bonnet are manufactured by the deep-drawing process, the valve is very lightweight and compact. The valve cone has either a soft or a metallic seal (setting range 10 – 20 bar only soft-sealed).

Changing the control pressure setting does not affect the height of the valve (non rising adjusting screw).

The inlet pressure to be controlled is balanced across the valve seat by the force of the valve spring (set pressure). If the inlet pressure rises above the set pressure, the valve opens. With decreasing inlet pressure the valve control orifice reduces, when the pipeline is depressurised, the valve is closed. Rotating the adjusting screw clockwise increases the inlet pressure.

These valves are no shut-off elements ensuring a tight closing of the valve. In accordance with DIN EN 60534-4 and/or ANSI FCI 70-2 they may feature a leakage rate in closed position in compliance with the leakage classes III or V, optional IV.

This Hydrogen Regulator Includes:

  • All stainless steel construction (guide bushing made of brass in the control range 10 – 20 bar)
  • Non rising adjusting screw
  • Sense line connection

Technical Data:

  • Connection DN: 15 - 25
  • Connection G: 1/2
  • Nominal Pressure PN: 25 BAR
  • Inlet Pressure: 0.005 - 20 BAR
  • KVS Value: 0.2, 0.5 or 0.9 m³/h
  • Temperature: -20°C up to +130°C
  • Medium: Liquids, Gases, Hydrogen

Special Features of the ATEX Approval:

  • Conformity to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and DIN EN ISO 80079-36
  • Leakage line connection, adjusting screw seal and lock
  • Potential equalisation among the valve components
  • Protected body connections
  • Grounding device at the valve body
  • Electrically conductive components
  • Setting range 10 - 20 Bbar: soft-sealing cone and guide bushing made of low-spark material
  • Additional venting holes in the bonnet

Additional Options:

  • Various diaphragm and seal materials suitable for your media
  • Special connections: Aseptic, ANSI or JIS flanges, NPT, welding spigots; other connections on request

Not sure if this is the right product? Pressure Reducing Valves are designed to reduce a high and frequently fluctuating pressure to an adjustable constant pressure downstream of the valve. A spring keeps the valve open and this closes as the outlet pressure rises. These self-acting pressure reducing valves are used to protect all the devices, valves and installations situated downstream from any excessive pressure build-up. Simultaneously the consumption is reduced and the flow velocity and noise are minimised. A spring keeps the valve open and the outlet pressure moves through the control element (diaphragm, piston or bellows) onto the cone, and in the event of rising outlet pressure, proportionally closes the valve. The outlet pressure to be controlled can be adjusted by a pre-tensioned/relieved spring via an external adjusting screw.

For a full overview on our self regulating pressure control valves, you can click here to visit our detailed blog which breaks down the functionality of our pressure reducing valves. Alternatively, if you are looking for other types of self-acting control valves you can click here to get an overview of our range of valve solutions.

As a leading manufacturer of self-acting control valves, our partner Mankenberg is a specialist for stainless steel and special materials in deep-drawing processes. Their large portfolio of pressure reducing valves, back pressure/overflow valves, bleeding & venting valves, float & condensate traps and more, offers customers flexible control over their range of standard valves and project-related special designs. Mankenberg control valves have always been well-known for their affordability, functional reliability and long lifespan. It's not unheard of these self-acting control valves to have a lifespan period of 25 years or longer. The long-life expectancy of these products commences with your individual consultation, product choice and finding the optimal solution for your application.


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